Advisory mandate

This solution is indicated for those clients who wish to benefit from our teams’ expertise while retaining the authority to make final decisions. They have access to our studies and research on products, whether general or specific to their needs, thus providing them with all the necessary information to make informed decisions.

The investment manager establishes a privileged partnership with his client. Tailored investment management aims at meeting specific risk requirements. Our team of asset managers monitors security positions, liaises with clients and executes orders promptly and professionally.

Just as with discretionary management, advisory management offers three risk profiles. Our team advises on all main asset classes: liquid assets, bonds, stocks, alternative investments and private equity.

The use of our asset allocation system MAP, allows us to advise you on optimal investment allocation

1875 FINANCE is free to choose its business partners, thus preventing conflicts of interest when advising clients.


A Mandate AM



Upon request, your investment manager will provide you with the rate structure corresponding to your activity and needs.